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What are the powder metallurgical technology?

2022-12-12 16:55:03

With the advancement of science and technology, powder metallurgy technology has been widely used. Many people may understand that it is part -time technology, but this is inaccurate. In fact, it is a series of technology. So what are the powder metallurgical technology? What's more?

1. PM technology:

The traditional powder metallurgical method, referred to as PM, metal powder is compacted under the precise customized mold, the so -called blank, and then heating parts to a temperature below the metal melting point.

2. Heat soluble technology:

Powder injection molding production is highly complicated and relatively small, and relatively small parts generally use injection molding machines below 250 grams, and then heat or solvents to remove most of the adhesives. The bonding agent is removed and sintered to obtain the final size.

3. Hot pressure technology:

When the metal powder is used to create a very large and complex shape product, this is a kind of static pressure technology called heat such as heat. The products are placed in a closed container to apply the same pressure to the product. At the same time, it is high temperature. Under the influence of high temperature and high pressure, the product can be sintering and dense.

4. Cold waiting technology:

In the definition of powder metallurgy, other technologies are also included, with cold pressure, that is, at room temperature, rubber or plastic is usually used as wrap mold materials, and liquid is used as pressure medium. To further sinter. With the so -called pressure extension, continuous strips or pieces are generated, and a variety of flat -thin final products are obtained, billets and plates.

The above is a series of technologies about powder metallurgy. No matter which one, PM technology is the most suitable requirement. You will benefit from all advantages from PM. The advantages of improving material utilization, saving energy, design flexibility and cost benefits, and the reliability of long -term performance have achieved PM sustainable manufacturing technology.