ZHEJIANG XINHE POWDER METALLURGY PRODUCTS CO., LTD. (Yongkang Taihe Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd) is a professional manufacturer of powder metallurgy with 20,000 square meters in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province, founded in 1996.

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing various of iron-base powder metallurgy parts and aluminum die-casting parts, including clutch assembly for chain saw/ brush cutter/lawn mower, sintered gears, gearbox, aluminum die-casting parts and oil bearings for power tools and other structural parts.

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The company has a complete powder metallurgy and die-cast aluminum production line, complete testing equipment and a complete quality assurance system
  • Established a production base in Lanxi, Zhejiang
  • Won the pilot enterprise of "machine substitution"
  • Developed DC power tool gears
  • High-tech R&D Center
  • Create a better future with you