Gearbox Division

Zhejiang Xinhe Powder Metallurgy Products Co., Ltd. Gearbox Division was founded in 2015. After five years of development, it has formed a professional gearbox R&D, manufacturing and sales team. The governing unit.

The business department covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with a production workshop of 7,000 square meters, and currently employs 60 people, including more than 10 engineering and technical personnel. It has 6 advanced gearbox assembly and production lines, 3 gear inspection and testing centers, and a complete quality assurance system; the department has strong technical strength and has successively obtained a number of utility model patents and invention patents.

The gearbox division mainly sells: AC/DC tool tubular motor gearboxes, glue gun gearboxes, smart lock transmission gearboxes, brushless motor gearboxes, household kitchenware miniature gearboxes and tubular gearboxes for automobile transmission motors. The division produces 3 million gearboxes annually, and its output value exceeded 40 million yuan in 2019.

The department has established a gear transmission research and development center, gathering professional and technical elites, relying on continuous R&D investment, and is committed to providing customers with more stable gear transmission equipment, the department’s research and development of multi-functional impact lithium gearboxes, brushless motor gearboxes, etc. The product has become a standard product recognized by the same industry in China.

Attach importance to human wisdom and advocate technological innovation; continuous breakthroughs and continuous improvement; providing customers with satisfactory products and services continue to drive Xinhe people to move forward. In the future, Xinhe is willing to join hands with domestic and foreign customers to establish long-term friendly and win-win cooperation Relationship, create a better future.