——    Application, Performance and Application Skill of Release Agent for Powder Metallurgical Lubricant

Powder metallurgy products include a number of molding process, no matter in which process, powder metallurgy lubricant is one of the essential accessories. Especially the release of lubricants, the quality of powder metallurgy products have a great impact, that this kind of powder metallurgy lubricant is how to correctly use it?

Powder metallurgy products, the first step is to metal powder molding, making it a low-density workpiece; and then is the way through the sintering of metal powder reinforcement, resulting in a certain hardness and shape of the powder metallurgy products. This process, the powder metallurgy lubricant plays a very important role, especially in the late demolding process.

When selecting powder metallurgy lubricants, be sure to choose high-quality non-polluting products, so even in the need to use a lot of pressure forming a large powder metallurgy products, powder metallurgy lubricants can also maintain its role.

In the case of powder metallurgy release agents, it can reduce the release force by half, greatly extending the service life of the mold and machine; and the damage and wear due to stripping will be less. As the powder metallurgy release agent decomposition of the product is a gas, it will not be sintered in the powder metallurgy surface to leave dirt.

Not only that, if the use of powder metallurgy mold release agent to mold the inner wall of the mold, to eliminate the problem of mixed lubricant evaporation, as well as increase the density of the workpiece has a positive effect.

Good performance and the correct use of a great relationship for the powder metallurgy lubricant is the same, but fortunately it's relatively simple to use, you can only use the infiltration of the flow, so that it can be evenly covered in the product surface.

In most cases, there is no need to specifically know the residue of the powder metallurgy lubricant after processing, since re-sintering the castings under proper aeration conditions eliminates all residues and does not affect any aspect.